Custom Fitting

We coach, we fit, we care We coach, we fit, we care
Our added value to you

After spending years honing our skills and working closely with club golfers like you, we're confident that we can lend a helping hand wherever your game needs a little fine-tuning.

As your PGA Professional team, we deeply care about your golf game and the happiness it brings you. That's where the philosophy of We Coach, We Fit, We Care comes into action – our approachable team is always ready to listen to your concerns and help you make positive changes that bring success on the course.

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Here at the Cheshire Golf Performance Studio we have the perfect setting to hep you improve your game through a custom fitting experience. With GC2 technology and fitting carts from Callaway, PING & TaylorMade, we have everything at our disposal to ensure you walk away happy in the knowledge that your new clubs are perfectly matched to your swing.

What is Custom Fitting?

For anyone that is serious about the game of golf and serious about improving their game then custom fitting at Carl Edwards Golf in the Cheshire Performance Studio is second to none for its experience and customer satisfaction. With demo clubs from the leading manufacturers and a pro shop at fantastic prices, put together with PGA Golf Professional instruction and knowledge then the Performance Studio is your one and only place to fine tune your game. 

Custom Fit Prices: 

Irons, Putter or Driver Fitting - £20.00 
Full Set Fitting - £30.00 

When you buy the relevant product you have been fitted for, you will get 100% of your fitting fee back off your purchase. 

Ball Fitting 

Are you playing the right golf ball? If not, this can seriously have a negative effect on your game. At the Cheshire Golf Performance Studio using the GC2 software I am able to work out which ball you should be playing which will ultimately lead to better scores. 

Ball Fitting price: £15.00 (50% of this will be refunded when you buy two dozen of the fitted ball

Why Custom Fitting?

  • Clubs matched to your swing
  • Improved accuracy and distance
  • Bad shots are improved
  • More value from your investment
  • Greater confidence

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